Kenetic have been overseeing the programme of the Phase 1 Golf Course Landscaping at Ancient Sands Resort. The design for the landscaping of the golf course was undertaken by EDSA, one of the world’s leading landscape architects back in 2010 in collaboration with the golf course architects Litten / Myers. As the last step in the golf construction simultaneously with the sprigging, Kenetic have been watching the progress of the site relating to the golf course landscaping for a couple of years.

Issues with water resource, which Kenetic have been instrumental in solving by lobbying for an additional desalination plant in the town and a commitment of water resource from that plant for the golf course at Ancient Sands, have slowed the progression of the landscaping and sprigging. The concern over water resource led us to revisit the volume of landscaping with EDSA in the last 6 months to reduce the initial planting and segregate it into phases. Now that the new desalination plant has been working for a couple of months, the landscaping construction team have done their magic implementing a drip irrigation system fed from the primary irrigation network for the golf course.

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