In honour of customer service week, check out some of our favourite customer service hacks for property development companies and agents.

Hack #1: Create Newsletters

Create and distribute regular newsletters with valid product updates, development progress and operational insights. By keeping your customers updated with progress and keeping in touch with them regularly helps keep a relationship and communication without a huge effort. But always give your customers a way to respond to the newsletter and make sure any attempts to contact you are met with responses.

Hack #2: Introduce VIP Owners Incentives

Find a way to add value for your customers. This can be something big or small. It might be 24 hour emergency care, an interior design consultation for free, it could be a concierge membership or it could be free stays prior to delivery.  Find something relevant to your customer base. The idea is to give your customer value so they feel valued.

Hack #3: Ask for Feedback

One of the best ways to check how your customers feel about your products, services and team is, quite simply, to ask them. Mix it up a bit and ask them in a number of ways to give them the opportunity to really share. You can ask directly and verbally, through customer surveys or by requesting testimonials. A customer refusing to provide a testimonial can, for example, be a telling sign that something isn’t up to scratch and give you something to investigate.

Hack #4: Get Face to Face

Create opportunities for your customers to meet your customer care and senior executives face to face. This helps build the relationship and gives you a chance to really get to know your customers adding a personal touch. You can do this through organised events, inviting customers to your office or for your bigger customers you could even visit them, or invite them for a private dinner or trip.

Hack #5: Letter from the Chairman / CEO / Managing Director

If you’ve hit a sticking point or even if you’re a particularly large developer, your customers may feel that they are always stuck at the bottom of the chain. Involving the Chairman / CEO / Managing Director by providing a personalised letter to your customers and following up on that with carefully screened personal access provides a ”human” element to a large company.


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