Making sure a development resort project is full of life is one of the most essential considerations when preparing and implementing a strategy for a resort development. No one wants to invest or live in a project which is empty. Empty resorts are often the case if people are buying property as a holiday home. So, how can you avoid this?

1.Create Appealing Facilities

Creating a mixed use project drastically improves the likelihood of people visiting the resort, as you are providing them with a reason to stay and spend time within the resort. Including facilities and retail outlets within a project should encourage visitors. Restaurants and leisure facilities (such as spas, fitness centres or golf courses) are ideal as they keep visitors on site for a reasonable duration on each visit, giving the project a feeling of being full and appealing.

2. Implement a Rental Management Offering

To fill the development year round, or at least during the peak period a rental management offering either by the developer or by a local estate agent helps manage the rentals and encourages property owners to rent their properties when they are not using them. By providing a centralised option with on-site reception or key holding, it becomes more likely to achieve a better rental result.

3. Create Appeal Locally during Off-peak Season.

Implement a reason for off-peak visitors to stay in the resort. Why not create a training or team building center for businesses or a team building. By attracting guests to the resort during off-peak season it also becomes more likely that people will rent their properties as there will be a viable year-round market.

4. Attract Permanent Residents

Having some permanent residents among holiday makers and short term visitors helps provide a base for the off-peak season and also provides continuity and a ‘community’ feel. Aim to attract permanent residents by offering facilities or incentives, such as transport to local places of work or special deals on maintenance or service fees for permanent residents.

5. Create areas for People to Gather

Creating open areas which are appealing places for people to gather Common areas could be swimming pools, parks, gardens, barbecue areas, fire pits and piazzas. Create open and appealing areas in the architecture where people can gather for a specific purpose and keep these common areas in the immediate vicinity of each other to create a real hub. Keep ‘private’ single family home properties separate.


By taking these steps at the product development stage, you can support a sales message of a vibrant resort which is full of life and activity. Unless you are selling to hermits, this is likely to increase the value and the appeal of the resort project. Additional methods of filling the resort should also be investigated during the operation planning phase for the resort.

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