Kenetic announce the release of our guide to customer service for property developers. This guide addresses the common issues faced by customers of residential and resort development projects, and explains why a culture of customer service excellence will transform your brand and your business and increase profitability. Take a sneak preview of the guide introduction.

A Guide to Customer Service For Property, Resort & Destination Development Professionals: Introduction

Excellent customer service can transform a property development business and ensure its future. By nurturing your best asset, your customers, you will increase sales, get more repeat business, minimise costs and have a better reputation in the marketplace.
When dealing with property developers, customers are usually buying off-plan and so their relationships with staff members in the development organisation are critical during the purchase, construction and delivery process. It is a much longer relationship that most B2C business relationships and it usually takes some time before any product is delivered, making service all the more important.

During construction, it is customer relations and fantastic communication practices which will ensure that the customer has an excellent experience. In the absence of excellent customer service and without a product delivered, the customer has nothing to hang onto. They have invested their money at this stage and have nothing tangible to show for it except a contract and some relationships with various members of your team.

Customers who are investing in property have made a huge investment. As the money involved is substantially different to say, buying a can of cola, the stakes are much higher for both sides and the degree of dissatisfaction is directly linked to the money at stake.

In this guide we will talk about the reasons that excellent customer service will help you grow and maintain your development projects, the risks bad customer service can cause and the steps that you can take to put in place an excellent customer service platform.

We will then explore the need to involve everyone in the business in the customer service process and provide them with the customer service expectations and an understanding of how to deal with customers.

We will also look at some of the most common customer complaints received by developers, the best ways to handle them and how to avoid receiving them in the first place.


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  • A Guide to Customer Service For Property Development Professionals


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