With all the social selling and digital lead articles out there, you could be forgiven for thinking that no one uses a telephone for its original purpose anymore. Selling over the phone is a way of selling looked at with derision by the new breed of sales professionals.

Digital marketing and sales by social may be trending topics, but the telephone remains an essential part of the sales process for real estate sales teams. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people make in their lifetimes and customers cannot be expected to part with hundreds of thousands of because they liked your facebook advert.

With off-plan real estate, it is often necessary to sell a proposition over the phone before you receive any face-to-face opportunity with the customer.

Selling over the phone can make even the most seasoned sales negotiator tremble in their boots. Unlike face to face sales, you have to read the situation based only on auditory cues. You don’t know whether that person is busy, just woken up, in the middle of cooking dinner, or sat in a meeting. This can also bring its benefits as you are less inclined to judge on appearance. Although watch out for accents, as you can also make snap judgements based on peoples accents which often turn out to be incorrect.

We have found some of the best tips from real estate and sales experts to help make the most of phone sales opportunities.

1. Start the Sales Call the Right Way

Avoid the common mistakes made by most sales people when they are introducing themselves to prospects.

2. What’s in a name?

Using your prospects name can make them feel special and valued.

3. Create a Personal Connection

Understanding your customer’s personality type can help you make a personal connection and tailor your offer to meet their needs.

4. Be natural and real

People are fed up of being sold to all the time. They don’t want to listen to your sales pitch. Have a real conversation and find out how you can help the customer.

5. Make Sure your voice is sending the right message.

Different tones of voice can make very different impressions. On the telephone, your voice is what determines a customer perception of you.

6. Concentrate on the conversation and listen.

Have you ever been distracted by your email, other people in the room, your own thoughts while on a sales call? Stop it now. Active listening is an essential sales tool.

7. Leave a Fantastic Voice Message.

Sometimes you can’t reach your prospect. Should you leave a voice message? If so, you’d better get it right

8. Follow up and follow up some more.

Following up in an unobtrusive manner with relevant to continuing the dialogue using both phone and electronic methods is an essential part of selling over the phone.

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