Using good real estate photography is what separates the boys from the men. The photographs that you use say something about your company, the real estate offering you provide and the individuals who work for the company.

Today more than ever, we are bombarded with stunning images of beautiful destinations, incredible architecture, sumptuous food. Unusual and quirky images abound. Images of your development project or individual properties need to be Instagram worthy – and yes – even the ones of construction progress.

According to MDG Advertising 67% of customers, the quality of a product image is instrumental in their decision to buy or engage with a retailer.

Be Brief

Putting together a quick brief of what you want to achieve from a photoshoot, where the photos will be used and how they will be used will enable you to get the output you need. We have often been provided portrait photographs for a landscape publication or vice versa. This makes using the photographs somewhat challenging. Being clear on purpose, style and any specific shots helps you get what you need even if you are the one who will end up taking the photographs.

All the World’s a Stage

Beautiful images don’t just happen by accident. The best photographs are well staged with the photographer spending significant time creating the perfectly composed shot. In order to stage a photograph properly you need to select your subject and then work from there to show it in the best light.

Staging the property can involve moving and removing furniture and other items, adding lighting, adding coffee table books or magazines, putting together a fruit bowl and more. It is genuinely specialist and works best with a photographer who has experience in interiors and property photography.

Go Pro

Professional photography is an art. A professional photographer understands the ‘rules’ of photography, will make sure you get good lines (especially important in interior shots), great lighting, stunning composition and a well-staged shot.

Snapping a couple of shots of a property on your iPhone just isn’t going to cut it. If you must take the photographs yourself, check out this Ultimate Guide to Property Photography by Elements Property.

Less is More

You don’t need to have photographs of every single feature of a property. Selecting a few beautiful parts of the development, property or construction site is enough to provide prospective customers with enough of a reason to visit the project or property in person.

Having a few excellent quality images is far more impactful than having bad quality images which can in fact do more damage. Poor quality photographs reflect on you as a business and show a distinct lack of care in your marketing efforts. If budget is limited therefore or indeed if parts of a project or property are somewhat less appealing, picking a few shots which can then be enhanced and touched up will make a far stronger impression.

DeLight Your Market

It has become pretty common knowledge that you can usually get the best outdoor photographs at dawn or dusk when the light provides a softness that is flattering to most subjects.

Interior shots also benefit hugely from good lighting. A professional real estate photographer will bring lighting which will help the photographs really pop off the page and achieve that Instagram filtered effect.

The Magic Wand

Sometimes external factors make it unviable to get the perfect shot. Perhaps you’ve suffered a month of storms or the property owner refuses to remove that ugly dog ornament on the fireplace for your pictures, or a neighbour has left their car parked outside.

Even the best, most professional images can sometimes need the magic wand, a little tasteful airbrushing to turn white skies to blue, to make ugly cars invisible, to remove an unwanted feature. Of course, editing must be done with care to ensure that you don’t misrepresent the property, but natural enhancements can dramatically increase the appeal of a photograph.


Kenetic can arrange and creatively direct photography for real estate developments and construction sites. We will put together the brief to ensure that you have some truly spectacular images. We can also undertake image editing to provide you with stunning images which will help your property photographs stand out from the competition.

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