A number of companies dialed back their property marketing efforts in 2019 as the UK property market stagnated in the face of the continued uncertainty over Brexit. Already 2020 has shown the sprouting of green shoots with some stimulation of the market in the aftermath of December’s General Election. So, what will be the key trends in property marketing during 2020?



Co-Living exploded onto the scene during 2019 as the new style of living for today’s day and age. A response to the rise of loneliness and a huge increase in home working compared to previous years. Property marketing now needs to focus on the lifestyle offered to owners or tenants at scheme or home rather than a list of features and amenities. Showing how you can live in a property or development will be a key marketing technique in 2020.


Climate-Driven Marketing

Climate change driven news is dominating todays cultural environment. And we dare you not to care. Whatever your personal view on the climate emergency, there is a clear drive towards ensuring that property schemes are moving towards zero net carbon construction and living standards. Selling and providing the opportunity for individuals to live a zero-carbon lifestyle will be a big trend during 2020.


The Cult of Personality

People buy people. More than ever your company story needs to have a face at its helm. By placing a spokesperson at the forefront of marketing efforts, customers feel that they know and have access to a person who has their concerns at heart and who will ensure that they deliver on the promises made by the company and its teams. Opinion pieces, presentations, interviews and more are among methods that can be used to put personality to the forefront of marketing activity. On a more general level, customers also now crave direct personal contact. This makes it imperative that people can reach a real person when they have questions or concerns.


Digital Customer Service

Customer service has moved on over the last decade. Customer service is now part of the marketing process and the expectations of communication and digital customer service have changed. Customers now expect to be able to access information relating to their purchase using digital solutions. Digital customer service does not, of course, replace the personal touch, but it frees up customer service personnel and senior management to offer personal attention where it is truly needed. Dedicate apps, client login spaces, email newsletters and social media provide excellent methods to personalise the digital experience to both communicate updates and information to your customer base and allow them private access to their own personal information.


Video Content

Like last year, video content growth continued with dissemination across social and digital channels. According to Animoto, videos are the favourite type of content available to users on social channels and they also keep users on your website for longer, with the average user spending 88% more time on a website with video according to Forbes. Short video content also achieves high consumption rates on social channels and typically receives significantly more engagement than still images or image free posts.


The Year of PPC

Pay-per-click will again be a critical part of any marketing mix during 2020. But it needs to be continually monitored and used in a way to ensure that a customer is funnelled through your website to generate a specific enquiry. Pay-per-click, above social advertising, has the benefit that you pay only for the visitors to your website. Pay-per-click provides an excellent way to secure instant visitors to your website. After that, it is down to the website structure and funnel in place to convert those visitors to leads and then sales.


Artificial Intelligence & Smart Technology

Yet again AI and smart technology will be at the forefront of marketing for homes. More than ever, homeowners and tenants will come to expect smart solutions that integrate with the big tech brands like Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google to facilitate home automation and management. Ensuring that a property scheme offers an AI and smart tech solution is imperative to keep ahead of the pack in 2020.


We can help you adopt some of the 2020 Marketing Trends

Get in touch with our team to help you develop your 2020 marketing solution and support your sales and marketing efforts for the year ahead. We work across all areas of the property marketing mix and have successfully launch numerous schemes to market across the globe.

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