So you’re not Nike, Coca Cola, Google or Amazon. You haven’t achieved global brand recognition. Your customers know who you are and a few besides. But your business is still running and you are still selling a handful of homes.

So, why do people bother with brand, what is it and can it really help you sell property?



Buying a new home is among the biggest financial commitments most people make in their lifetimes. It is not like buying a can of drink or a pair of shoes. What’s more when buying off plan with a developer, customers cannot even see the product that they are buying. That’s where the brand comes in. The combination of all your messaging, your visual identity, what your customers are saying about you and your overall story and approach can help give customers trust in you to deliver on your promises. This gives customers the confidence to invest in your product.


The Customer Experience

The customer experience is at the heart of any brand. Often bad reviews left by customers stem from being treated with derision. People don’t expect perfection, but they expect to be treated with respect, kindness and fairness. Providing a pleasant customer experience and going the extra mile to make your customers happy will carry weight with future customers. The customer experience is as much part of your brand as your logo or graphics.



Making sure that your visual brand is clearly placed in all of your communications can help with recognition. Although difficult to quantify, it is generally accepted that a new customer needs to come across you on at least three occassions before they will be minded to enquire. If your branding is consistent across all channels then you are drastically increasing the probability of securing enquiries as prospects see multiple copies of your messaging.



Your brand gives you a clear visual point of difference as well as representing a set of values to which your development company adheres. This gives you the opportunity to step apart from your competition in what you stand for and how you work creating a point of difference to help customers choose you over and above competing development companies.


Quality Marker

Your product is part of your brand. If you offer high end luxury apartments, this is what your brand should imply. If you offer homes for families, your brand should be family friendly. Your brand directly reflects the quality of what you offer and every touch point needs to be assessed to ensure that it is reflective of the quality that you are trying to provide.



People love to tell others about the brands and products they like. You need to make sure your customers are excited that they have brought a home with you, that they like dealing with you and want to show off their new home to their friends and contacts. Your customers are as much part of your brand as your staff and their experiences determine how they talk about your product and business.


Free Brand Audit

We can provide your development business with a free Brand Audit. Understand how your potential customers might perceive your company and any perceptions that may cause a hinderance to sales.

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