Your social profiles are a reflection of your brand. The information you share, your tone of voice, the imagery you use all says something about you as a business.

We work with our clients to craft their social profiles around campaigns and around key messages that underpin their brand.

When we first start working with a client, we talk to them about their brand platform. This enables us to understand what their brand is about and what it stands for. Sometimes clients are not sure themselves and so we go through a process to help clarify the pillars that underpin what they do on a day to day basis and what helps their offering stand out from the crowd.

So how should you make sure that your social marketing maps to your brand story.


1. Define your Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice says a lot about your business and company. Are you informal, are you fun, are you corporate, are you cheeky, are you serious? It’s a given that all brands should be professional in their own way, so professionalism also needs to shine through.


2. Establish Standard Content Types

Determining a list of key content types to use as a source of social content helps when finding content and keeping consistency. Are you going to post inspirational quotes once a month, customer testimonials, tips and tricks, new product announcements, research and insights, executive videos and so on. Having a set of go to content types will help keep your social profiles consistent and on brand.


3. Determine your Visual Style

Deciding on a visual style that suits your brand is important. What sort of images are you going to use? When you have a text only message, what will it look like and how will it be branded? Will you use cartoon graphics or only real photography or a combination of the two? What styles of cartoons will you use. We encourage our customers to incorporate some element of their branding within all images that they post, whether that be their logo, a defined font, a border or colours.


4. Engage with your Customers

An important part of your brand story is how you talk to and deal with your customers or prospects. This says a huge amount about how you do business and your overall ethos. Do you care about your customers and can you show this in how you respond to messages and interactions?



At Kenetic we create social marketing solutions that help underpin and support your brand. In turn, this supports sales and lead generation by positioning your company as an expert or the best in its field with a professional outlook. We can create unique and inspiring social solutions for any property business using our expertise in the property sector in combination with our marketing expertise.

Get a Bespoke Social Marketing Solution

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