The law of attraction is a powerful thing. But thinking and wishing it is not. It is about visualising your goal and taking actions to achieve that goal, stepping towards it incrementally and with purpose. To many people misinterpret the law of attraction and the idea of manifesting what you want as a simple wish and you shall receive contract. Instead it is better defined as a visualise the result and then walk the path.

So, what is the path to more leads and ultimately therefore more sales? Here are some of our favourite tactics to support lead generation for our property clients.

Sell Don’t Tell

Focus on how your product or service will make life easier, more lucrative, more successful etc for your customer. Product features can then follow, but if your customer can picture themselves holidaying at your development scheme or enjoying a beachfront retirement then they are more likely to listen as you go through the nitty gritty and boring details.

Strong CTAs

A strong call to action as part of any marketing campaign is critical. Without it, perhaps thousands of people will engage with your campaign but not know what to do next. Make it clear what action your customers should take and its likely that you will experience an increase in enquiries.

Analyse the Data

If at first you don’t succeed… Well you know how it goes. With the increase in digital marketing, there has been a massive increase in data that now enables us to actively analyse our successes and failures in marketing terms. This data helps us to understand whats working and to replicate our successes to achieve better results.

Use your Existing Customers

Social proof is an essential part of todays selling methodology. People are increasingly skeptical of unsubstantiated claims of brilliance, experience and excellence. Your customers however can offer supporting evidence that your claims about your product or service are spot on. So get testimonials, videos, letters, client photos and so on to show how your clients are happy with the product or service that you’ve provided.


By applying these tactics you can then define a route to market that will support your lead generation goals.

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