International Competitor Research (Segment)


Do you want to know what global projects might be competition for your project? We will create a research output for your chosen segment which is focused on values or facilities, in order to find other competing projects on a global basis.



We will create a research output with a selection of the international projects in the same segment. This will include a summary of the projects in addition to project names, descriptions, images, property types, price ranges, property size ranges, duration on market, average price per square meter and direct competition analysis scale. We will incorporate the 20 nearest second home ownership global competitors in the report.

The segment options are as follows:

Value Based

  • Average Value: Up to £99,999
  • Average Value: £100,000 – £249,999
  • Average Value: £250,000 – £499,999
  • Average Value: £500,000 – £749,999
  • Average Value: £750,000 – £999,999
  • Average Value: £1,000,000 – £4,999,999
  • Average Value: £5,000,000 +

Facility Based

  • Golf Development
  • Spa Development
  • Tennis Development
  • Sea Front Development
  • Ski Development
  • City Centre Development
  • Apart Hotel Development / Rental Managed Development

If you require a segment not listed, please feel free to contact us for a dedicated quotation.

Additional information


From receipt of the development / area information, we will deliver your competitor research report within 15 working days.


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