Local Competitor Research


Need to know who your competitors are? Want to check out what other developments are available locally that might tempt your potential buyers away from you? We will create a research output with up to 10 competing development projects in your locality.

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To make sure your pricing is right and you are standing out, its important to make sure that you know what development projects in the locality (Town, City, County, State). Understanding what alternatives are available to buyers and how these competing projects are communicating with the market can help to give you the competitive advantage.

We recommend you undertake this assessment during the product development stage prior to launch to market for optimum benefit. Or if you are already launched and find that your development project is losing out to your competition, then we can help get to the bottom of it for you to see where your project is not competing.

We will create a research output with up to 10 competing development projects in your locality. This will include a summary of the projects in addition to project names, descriptions, images, property types, price ranges, property size ranges, duration on market, average price per square meter and direct competition analysis scale. Furthermore, the range of marketing activities and sales incentives will be presented as applicable at the time of publication. We will also include future planned developments based on your sales program and disposals scheduling.

Delivery Timing & Format

15 working days from receipt of required information (see below) you will receive a full written local competitor research report. The report will be submitted electronically in PDF format.

Information Required

In order to undertake this task, we will need some information from you, the developer, about your development project. The information we will require is as follows:

  • Location
  • Property Types & Sizes
  • Price Ranges
  • Special Incentives
  • Delivery Timings
  • Assumed demographic (who are your assumed target market?)
  • Existing marketing materials
  • Any other relevant information

Additional information


From receipt of the development / area information, we will deliver your competitor research report within 15 working days.

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