Residential Rental Market Research


Do you want to create a rental product and need to understand the viability of the rental market in the area where you are developing? This report provides insights into long term rentals occupancy, rates, available rooms / units, rents by sector / unit type in the locality of your development project.

This report focuses on long and mid-term rentals as opposed to short term or nightly rentals which can be explored under a separate research appointment.



Make sure that your development project is viable as a buy-to-let opportunity or as a rental asset of your own.

We can create a residential rental market research output exploring the rental market in the locality of your development project. You will receive full report relating to the rental market for your project based on comparable offerings in the market. We will investigate rental pricing, availability, It also compares the rental opportunity to the national average of your development country to establish the viability of the development properties for a rental opportunity.

The report also takes into account continued development of rooms / units to the extent that such information is available. Please select from the options to choose something that suitably matches to your project – or if you’re not sure, why not get in touch for a full development consultation.


We will create a competitor research output with between 10 – 20 competing development projects / project phases in the country where you are developing. This will include a summary of the projects in addition to project names, descriptions, images, property types, price ranges, property size ranges, duration on market, average price per square meter and direct competition analysis scale. Furthermore, the range of marketing activities and sales incentives being offered by the competitors will be presented as applicable at the time of publication.

If we identify a wider range of direct competitors we will inform you during the research period and you will have the option to select which competitors you would like us to focus on (up to 20) or buy additional analysis.

Delivery Timing & Format

20 working Days from receipt of required information (see below) you will receive a full written residential rental market research report. The report will be submitted in PDF format.

Information Required

In order to undertake this task, we will need some information from you, the developer, about your development project. The information we will require is as follows:

  • Location
  • Property Types & Sizes
  • Property specifications (rough specifications are sufficient)
  • Development features i.e. gyms, spas
  • Price Ranges
  • Any other relevant information


Depending on your intended market, we can also undertake reports based on different types of rentals, either hotel style / hotel rentals (sold by the night), vacation rentals (sold by the week) or residential rentals (sold on mid / long term contracts).


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