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The architecture of a project determines its market, product components and appeal – it needs to be spot on. Kenetic can manage architectural teams creating a saleable and ergonomically appealing product.

Architectural Management

The design phase of a development project is one of the most important. This is where we can make sure that the project is going to work for its target market and all of the ideas and concepts get developed on paper.

The architectural phase is in continuum throughout the development cycle moving from conceptual design, through to schematic, design development, construction drawings and finally site review. We identify the architectural need for the project and then manage the architectural team from land planners, surveyors, architects and interior designs to achieve the best result for the development.

Through careful management processes, we work to keep the architectural facets of your development project on schedule and to budget. We aim to ensure that the scope is correct and properly sanctioned to reduce the need for changes of the base brief leading to increased cost.

We have worked with a number of architectural firms throughout the world and can help you select the firms who best match your needs.

“Architecture is

inhabited sculpture.”

Constantin Brancusi

So how do we manage the architectural teams?


Create an Architectural Brief

We create a brief from which the architectural team will work led by style and target property sizes.

Identify Disciplines

Subject to the scale of the project, we identify the needed architectural disciplines: land planning, civil architecture, design concept, landscaping etc.

Architect Shortlist

We create a shortlist of potential architects to cover the various roles to pitch or be hired directly for the task.

Review Architectural Works

Review each submission from the architectural teams to identify any errors or adjustments required.

Schedule Management

Manage schedule and insure target deadlines are met.

Bespoke Customer Works

Manage bespoke customer needs with the architectural teams.

Plans Measurement

Facilitate or undertake measurement of architectural plans according to latest global standards.
Please note, Kenetic International is not an architectural firm. Rather we manage teams of architects as client representative to achieve the required end result.



Stages & Types of Architecture.

It is rare that large scale projects will need just one type of architect. More often than not, projects call for expert land planners, architects (of a sector specialism), architectural engineers, interior designers and so on. Selecting the architectural firm(s) that you will use depends upon a number of factors from the project scale, budget availability and so on. Each part of the architectural process comprises a number of stages as the work grows from concept to construction.

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