Get the Building Blocks in Place

Keeping track of construction scheduling, costs and quality takes time. Why not add an extra pair of hands. Being informed about the construction status will help improve your customer communications and deliverability.

Construction Management

Kenetic International can put in place a construction management programme from bidding and contractor selection all the way through to delivery of a project. We act as customer representative through the life cycle ensuring that the needs of the developer are met.

Working alongside your site construction manager our team take an overview to monitor progress, set in place strategies for implementation and programming of the works as well as pulling together different suppliers, activing as a liaison between the contractor and the architectural firms and analysing and assessing progress, its cost and its quality.

We can create and update gantt programming charts, keep big picture budgets and undertake sporadic quality reviews on site. But, we are flexible, if our customer only wants bid work, then this is what we handle, if its only project management administration, then we provide this service only.

We have worked with a number of contractors across the world to successfully deliver projects to the end user.

Owner Representative

Construction management is more often than not undertaken by the lead contractor. While the lead contractor continues to have the day-to-day responsibility for the construction management, where we come in is make sure that they are acting in our client’s best interests, not just their own.

This can include elements such as spot testing on procurement processes for construction materials, quality standards checking (see our separate section on snagging) and keeping track of the budget (target vs actual).

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at;

its the construction of the foundation

that will stand the test of time.”

David Allan Coe

What can we do to help manage the construction programme?

Bid Management

We can manage your bid programme for you according to your preferred bid management processes or those required by regulations.

Contractor Research

We will look into the background of your bidding contractors with a view to protecting your investment to the maximum.

Contract Negotiation

We will work along with your management team to negotiate the final payment and scope parameters for your construction contracts.

Guarantees & Warranties

We will ensure that your contract has the minimum warranties and guarantees required by law in your jurisdiction and that they are competitive to other developers.

Construction SWOT

We work with the appointed contractor to ascertain all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the construction process.

Critical Path Definition

We work alongside the site project management team to ascertain the critical path for the construction project and ensure that your management team are fully aware of key stages and potential bottlenecks.

Cost Control

Working alongside your quantity surveyor or independently, we will monitor the construction budget to ensure it comes in on target.

Site Safety

Site safety is of paramount importance for any construction job. Assessing the risks to minimise accidents is essential and we insist that all of the contracts that we work with undertake a risk assessment which is logged before any work commences.

A lot of site safety is common sense and people simply paying attention to what their doing and their immediate environment. Laws relating to site safety vary from one country to another and it is our belief that the top standards should always be applied even if the laws of a country are less stringent.

Construction Management News & Information

Room Signs Installed at Ancient Sands

Room Signs Installed at Ancient Sands

The room signs have been installed at Ancient Sands this week by our dedicated signage supplier. Kenetic undertook a site review with the supplier to select the best locations for the room signs. Further directional signage is due to be ordered by the Ancient Sands in...

Kenetic Instruct New Landscaping at Ancient Sands Building 4

Kenetic Instruct New Landscaping at Ancient Sands Building 4

With the change in strategy for Building 4 at Ancient Sands Resort, Kenetic identified a gap in the development. A large area to be developed at a later date was left simply as sand. Kenetic International working alongside the El Gouna landscaping implementation team...


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