Customers: Your Strongest Asset

Taking care of your customers should be your first priority. Kenetic can create and implement a customer care programme for your business to convert existing customers into repeat and introducing customers.

Customer Care & Aftersales

Your buyers and tenants are your most important asset – but it is easy to push them to one side once the contracts are signed. By maintaining relationships with your existing customers, they become your ambassadors, a more powerful magnet for new customers than any other form of sales or marketing. Unsatisfied and angry customers can also do more damage to your project than a tornado. Building relationships with your customers is one of the most important things that any business can do. By implementing an effective aftersales and customer care function you keep loyal customers coming back for more and potentially introducing friends, family and colleagues. But aftersales can take a lot of time and energy and if handled badly or suffering with a bottle neck can have the opposite of the intended affect. That’s where we come in. We create a customer centric approach for your business, using the assets your business already has and combining them with technological solutions to streamline communication, build relationships and increase customer satisfaction. Kenetic International work with your in-house team to ensure that there is constant communication with your existing customers. As well as general communications, such as construction updates and progress reviews, it is important that each client has personal contact from a team representative. Sales is about relationships, and those relationships need to be sustained even after the deal is done. Your customers need to feel that they have become part of a family and you are looking after their best interests. If they have a problem or concern, you need to address it. Kenetic International will help you deliver above and beyond the expectations of your customer.
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“The more you engage with customers

the clearer things become and the easier it is to

determine what you should be doing.”

John Russell

So what do we do to make your aftersales successful?

Create a Workflow

We create a customer experience path post sale to manage expectations and to minimize complaints and concerns by providing key information and managing the continuation of communication with customers without losing the personal touch.

Provide Training

We believe that every member of your business is part of the customer care and aftersales process and has an important role to play in how they deal with and speak to customers. We provide training for the different parts of the company which depend on the complexity of their involvement with the customer.


We keep streams of communication open with customers. We contact them directly on your behalf and can provide a white label service where we act within a pre-agreed set of parameters to deal with customer complaints and queries.

Seeking Feedback

We ask your customers how they find their experiences with your company / product in order that we can further streamline your customer care and aftersales in response to real queries and concerns. We keep track of recurring issues and comments (both positive and negative) to shape future activities.

Handling Complaints

Complaints from customers are sadly an inevitable part of any business. They can be a genuine grievance or the result of a miscommuication, a misunderstanding of what should have been delivered or other reason. We deal with each customer on a case by case basis, listening and understanding, and sometimes arguing with you, our customer, to ensure that you provide your customers with their rights.

Customer Journey

We create the post purchase customer journey for implementation from pre-sale onwards. This provides marketing items such as welcome packs, thank you contacts, birthday cards, newsletters and updates as well as loyalty programmes and so on. What we create is based specifically on your customer base as well as your product.

Aftersales Incentives

During the product development stage, certain aftersales tools relating to the product can be put in place which act to satisfy customers as well as providing an extra selling point. We put these in place and ensure they can be implemented within the parameters of your business from incentives like maintenance services through to interior design offers and so on.
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Customer Care Is Everyone’s Business

Customer care is something that the entire company are responsible for. Everyone in your business directly or indirectly is involved in ensuring that the customer has a good experience. Let’s face it, that’s why the company exists. One rotting part undermines the entire customer care programme.

Customer Care News & Information

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