Deliver on Your Promises

In real estate development, the customer handover is when you finally deliver the finished product. This is the focus of the lifecycle of your business and customer interaction. There is no room for error.

Customer Handover

A specialised part of the customer care process, the customer handover is a crucial element in the satisfaction of your customers.

We create a defined customer handover methodology which can be rolled out with suitably technical staffing and which ensures efficient and satisfactory handover of the property to the customer. This includes customer visits and inspections, the strategy for notifications of progress and completions and team training to handle these customers.

This links together with our customer care and marketing functions to create the best customer experience.

“Don’t Deliver a Product

Deliver an Experience.”


So what do we do to make your customer handover stress free?

Delivery Notifications

We compile delivery notifications for the different stages of construction in accordance with the legal requirements of the development country.

Welcome Packs

We create welcome packs explaining to owners where they can find what they need from garbage collection through to local amenities.

Delivery Event

Nothing gets delivery off on the right foot like a delivery event where all owners are invited. This also gives the delivery team the opportunity to start to build relationships.

Upselling Extras

Delivery can be the perfect time to upsell extras from extra works to furniture packages or even maintenance or cleaning contracts.


We usually agree a compensation budget in advance of delivery. Sadly, unsatisfied customers pop up everywhere, but having the tools to deal with them quickly is essential.

Delivery Visits

Any customer can require between 2 and 5 delivery visits. Their experience should be hand guided and at least 1 days worth of time allocated to each customer.

Travel Offers

Customers taking delivery of international property often need to travel to take delivery. We work to put together travel offers and packages to make the delivery process hassle free.


Perfect the Customer Journey

A customer journey is only part way through when you deliver the product to them. It is your job to make sure that they can use their product in a way to maximise customer satisfaction. There are a number of tools that you need in your delivery arsenal to make sure that your customer has the best possible experience.

Customer Handover & Delivery News & Information

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