Create the Reality

We can create the operating plan to ensure that you deliver on your promises and have satisfied customers.

Operation Planning

Different developers have different strategies as to when they will hand over the product. But no matter what, there is usually some post delivery obligation on the developer. What this means is that during the construction life cycle preparations need to be made.

Kenetic can put together the preliminary operation plan including facilities provision, hotel management, commissioning of facilities, appointment of operators and so on. Making sure everything works on a development rather than a unit level is an essential part of handover and to do so requires an in depth plan.

We have also successfully launched hotel operations by putting in place their marketing programmes, staffing plans and so on.

By planning for the operation of the resort or property, you make sure that the transition upon delivery is seemless keeping your customers happy and making them more likely to introduce their friends or invest in one of your developments again in the future.

Do Tennis Facilities Add Value to Development?

Conventional wisdom suggests that adding facilities to a development project will add value to the development project. This is why many developers spend money to add facilities that they think will enable them to charge more for their property or that will appeal to...

Avoiding Tumbleweed in Large Resort Developments

Making sure a development resort project is full of life is one of the most essential considerations when preparing and implementing a strategy for a resort development. No one wants to invest or live in a project which is empty. Empty resorts are often the case if...

Room Signs Installed at Ancient Sands

The room signs have been installed at Ancient Sands this week by our dedicated signage supplier. Kenetic undertook a site review with the supplier to select the best locations for the room signs. Further directional signage is due to be ordered by the Ancient Sands in...

Filip Hair & Beauty Salon Opens at Ancient Sands

After signing the agreement for the space in January 2016 facilitated by Kenetic International, Filip Belgian Hair & Beauty Salon has opened its doors at Ancient Sands. The provider was sourced and selected in accordance with the policy set for Ancient Sands of...

Kenetic Arrange New Signs for Ancient Sands Rooms

Kenetic have selected and placed the order for the brand new room number signs at Ancient Sands. To complement the colour palette at the project a dark wood with a white plastic with the number die cut through has been selected. We think that they're top notch. The...

Kenetic Instruct New Landscaping at Ancient Sands Building 4

With the change in strategy for Building 4 at Ancient Sands Resort, Kenetic identified a gap in the development. A large area to be developed at a later date was left simply as sand. Kenetic International working alongside the El Gouna landscaping implementation team...

Al Fanar Project Opens

This month will see the grand opening of Al Fanar Hotel & Residences. After an official launch on the 7th February, the four star hotel will welcome guests from the 10th February 2016. A few finishing touches are being put to the residential wing and so the Al...

Kenetic Enter Contract for for Ancient Sands

As part of our attempts to increase bookings and exposure for Ancient Sands Resort in its pre-opening phase, Kenetic International have put together an provided information for the inclusion of Ancient Sands on, one of the world's leading booking engines...

Kenetic to Finalise FFE Procurement

The selection of the final F,F& E and O,S & E Items to procure for the Ancient Sands properties and hotel occurred yesterday in Cairo. The Orascom procurement team have sourced a range of samples according to the brief provided by Kenetic International and...

Golf Course Landscaping Phase 1 Completed

Kenetic have been overseeing the programme of the Phase 1 Golf Course Landscaping at Ancient Sands Resort. The design for the landscaping of the golf course was undertaken by EDSA, one of the world's leading landscape architects back in 2010 in collaboration with the...

“What we know about the destination resort business is clearly established.

But it’s all about one thing, and one thing only. All of the razzmatazz

and jazz we hear about facilities and everything else doesn’t amount to

a hill of beans. It’s customer experience that determines the longevity

and endurance of these enterprises.”

Steve Wynn

Planning for Operation – Our Steps?


Create a Step-by-Step

A step by step plan for implementation of all facilities and services upon delivery can be put together.

Budget Creation

We create an indicative budget for the operation of the resort / property, to help you avoid any unexpected surprises.

Hire & Train Staff

Create a plan for staffing and recruit the staff needed for ongoing resort management.

Source Hotel Brands

Source and approach hotel brands or franchises for the operation of any hotel or apart hotel project segment.


Creation of Service Contracts

We can work to create budgets and service contracts for the common facilities of the development from landscaping and garbage collection through to cleaning services and much more.

Appoint Contractors

Appoint contractors for essential items such as maintenance of specialist installations and other operational facets.

Operation Planning Checklist

Making sure that nothing is missed upon handover of a project for the fulfillment of the operational needs can be tricky. The scope can be so huge that its hard to know where to start without missing things and jumping around from one thing to the other. The trick is to start sufficiently early. We recommend that operation planning and contractor / provider selection commence at least 1 year before delivery.

We are developing an Operation Planning Checklist Tool just for you so if you decide to go it alone, you will have a starting point. Why not register now for access to this checklist as soon as its released.

Operation Planning News & Information

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