Product Creation

Kenetic has substantial expertise in conceiving and developing viable residential property, mixed use and resort products.

Product Development

Developing a product that sells is not about gimmicks and flashy headlines. We work with you to create a product that works now and into the future. By putting the right foundations in place, you will find that your product will automatically have a head start in the marketplace.

We investigate the project possibilities from start to finish, establishing the feasibility of each in the market.Kenetic International examine all options in relation to development sales, post development operation and ascertain the target market. We advise on all aspects of development from contractor appointment to unit mix, product incentives, specification, build methodology, project management requirements and much more.

We are skilled at creating innovative product solutions which are market driven. Our research capability backs up our product shaping work. In the research stage we carefully analyse the competition you will face. Through product development, we endeavour to differentiate your product from that of your competitors. Our competitor and market research also provides a strong basis for pricing analysis and recommendations based on market trends, whilst taking into account construction and management overheads.

In some cases Kenetic takes the lead consultant role, pulling together consulting teams on behalf of clients. In other cases we bring our specific skills and expertise to a team led by others.

We can create a product shaping report considering all the possible variables and continue to work with you throughout the lifetime of the project to update the product and destination plan in line with any changes in the market.

Our Steps to Success

  1. Conceptualisation
  2. Business Case
  3. Target Market Definition
  4. Feasibility Study / Testing / Idea Screening
  5. Market Strategy
  6. Market Testing
  7. Product Implementation – the Building Bricks
  8. Product Launch

You can’t start a product simply by building it.

You have to know why you’re building it, and you might

go down the wrong rabbit hole, waste time, and confuse things.

Mike Krieger

So what do we do to create viable products?

Creating a Concept

We can create product concepts to create something completely new, expand an existing product range or enhance an existing product.

Develop Product Ideas

We create ideas and variations based on our substantial property experience.


Validate Target Market

We identify the intended target market to ensure that there is a genuine market for the product under development.

Mastermind Group

We put together a mastermind group from different parts of your business or customer base to create new ideas and product variations.

Market Testing

We undertake preliminary packaging of the product concept and present it to the target market to get feedback relating to its appeal and viability.

Implement Product

We move your product from paper to reality, continually tweaking and adjusting it according to results and market circumstances.

Product Development News & Information

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