Sales Grow Your Reach

Creating a sales network comprised of an in-house team, estate agents and other introducers can grow your reach and get your message directly and effectively communicated to interested customers.


Kenetic International have years of experience in putting together sales strategies for development projects world wide with a variety of target markets. We define the method of sales and the sales partners to utilise as part of the strategy development. Through utilisation of our strategies, developers have successfully sold over £50 million worth of consumer product.

When a customer is interested in your project or business, they need someone who can tell them about it.

Sales networks are an effective means of reaching potential clients. Kenetic International will work with you to identify and appoint appropriate sales partners according to the requirements of your project.

We have a network of real estate agents and sales partners who can promote your product directly to their clients and through their own marketing channels. Kenetic International monitor the relationship in order to protect your brand and to keep the network incentivised and enthused about your particular project.

We can also help you acquire and train your very own in-house real estate sales team.

Want to earn easy commissions?

We work with different types of introducers. We work with individuals with personal networks through to leading estate agencies, all with a view to selling more property and matching developers with agents and introducers whose contacts and style are compatible.

If you want to learn how you can work with us to earn commissions on property sales, get in touch.

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman,

not the attitude of the prospect.”

William Clement Stone

How do we generate sales networks?

Building a Team

Our core belief is that any developer and ideally project should have their own sales team. The passion that a dedicated sales team have alongside their in depth product knowledge are at the heart of the sales opportunity.  We can recruit and manage a sales team to be located on site.

Estate Agent Recruitment

Recruiting estate agents provides developers with additional outlets for their product. Kenetic International has contacts with estate agents across the world and carefully select agents to match up with the project on offer.


Estate agents and your own sales team don’t need to be your only source of sales. Introducers who are well placed to communicate to your target market are invaluable in sourcing great quality leads.

Customer Incentives

Customers are your best advertisement and are likely to know like minded people who are more likely to be interested to purchase your product. Some form of customer incentive can really get your customers working for you with some great word of mouth marketing.

Sales Training

We work with specialist sales training partners to give your team the tools they need to sell ‘anything’.

Product Training

We provide full product training to make sure that your sales team and agents have all the information to effectively sell and represent the product on offer.

Sales Manual

We create a sales manual for your teams comprising different segments in order that you can give different access to different parts of your teams.


We can specify a good CRM system can help you create and manage an effective sales methodology, facilitating automation, especially important for a large sales network.





Creating a Lead Management System

A lead management system is the ideal way to ensure that there is a path to follow to achieve a close. By creating a management system you give your team the tools to handle prospective clients thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful result.

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