Snagging & Inspection

Making sure that properties are checked before delivery to customers is an essential part of the development programme.

Snagging & Delivery

Snagging is an essential part of your development programme with a threefold purposes a) to ensure that the contractor(s) have delivered according to specifications b) to tie together the works of different contractors and ensure that everything is working and; c) to ensure that the product is to the expectations of the customer.

It is essential to put in place a snagging programme from the outset of the development programme with a clear list of deliverables communicated throughout. Snagging and delivery should occur at pre defined stages throughout the life cycle of the development programme in addition to at completion prior to handover to the customer. If you make sure that as a developer you are confident in the work, chances are that your customer will be too.

In addition to this a technical snagging and delivery should also occur by a specialist surveying firm at key stages of the development process. Kenetic International can arrange this with a suitably qualified team.

Warranties & Guarantees

As a developer, you will need to offer your customers warranties and guarantees.

Keep a careful check of when any items in the property are commissioned and the warranty period to ensure that you and the customer are aware of the extent of their protection.

“The cost of quality is

the expense of doing it wrong”

Philip Crosby

So what do we do to create an effective snagging programme?


Create Tailored Snagging Lists

We create a bespoke snagging format for any development utilising the floor plans and specification lists in customer contracts.

Provide Training

We can train your in house team to identify snags of the properties in order that they can undertake Stage 1 snagging.



We will communicate the snags to the contractors in a clear manner enabling them to rectify any defects first time round.


Create Program

We create a program for the snagging process and its different stages from initial inspection to defect rectification inspection and get the agreement of all stakeholders for the method to ensure agreement.


Warranty Lists

We work with the contractor and procurement to get warranty lists for inclusion in owners packs or retention by the developer.


Customer Feedback

We feedback to the customers relating to their key snagging points and ensure that they’re integrated into the primary snagging lists for second round snagging.

Common Snagging Errors

We always recommend that our contractors keep an eye out to avoid these most common snagging errors. This means that when we jump in to undertake the snagging, many issues are already addressed as they know what we will look for first. Things like poor sealing and faulty electrics can leave customers with the worst impression and some genuine complaints. That’s why snagging is so essential to avoid customer issues.

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