Research & Strategy

Knowledge is the basis of any business. By basing decisions on viable research, developers can create better projects and marketing campaigns.


Have you ever lost out to competition? Have you misread a situation? Have you incorrectly valued an opportunity?

To give you the best chance of success in the ever-evolving property industry, Kenetic International places the utmost importance on research and strategic planning. We help you establish your project aims to maximise the opportunity at hand.

Good research can ensure that you are well informed and go into a project or sales opportunity with your eyes wide open and the information that you need to achieve the optimum result.

Research forms the basis of much of our work from the creation of product, marketing and sales strategies to the generation of information for marketing and sales campaigns. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the global property market and do our utmost to keep up to date with various national property markets.

Research Topics

The topics that we cover are designed to give you as a developer the information your are needed to improve your business. We can produce bespoke research reports for our clients on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Economic Climate
  • Property Market
  • Tourist Markets
  • Competition Assessments
  • Demographic Breakdowns
  • Market Testing

Also, when you appoint us as our strategic consultants you secure access to our regular country and area research bulletins.

To learn more or to secure a no obligation quote for your very own bespoke research document please select from the off-the-shelf options below or if you need further assistance please contact us.

  • International Competitor Research (Segment)

  • Local Competitor Research

  • National Competitor Research

  • Regional Competitor Research

  • Resale Property Competition Report

  • Placeholder

    Residential Rental Market Research


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